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The Politics of Transformation of The Chicago Young Lords Organization (ChYLO) 1968-1970
Ann M. Aviles

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Influence and inspired by the Black Power radicalism of the Black Panther Party, young Chicago Puerto Ricans worked to transform their street gang into a human rights organization. Heavily impacted by the gentrification represented in the Chicago 21 plan, Latinx communities of Chicago resisted. The Chicago Young Lords Organization (ChYLO) led this resistance in many ways and used their organizing skills to help mobilize not just Puerto Ricans in the city but other Latinx groups as well as poor whites impacted by Chicago’s urban renewal efforts. The larger sociopolitical context of this era included the pretext for the assemblage of ChYLO; including anti-imperialist global struggles, Cold War politics as well as the Black Power and Women’s Liberation movements. ChYLO answered the charge for human rights via community organizing and large-scale mobilizations. This paper will explore this transformation including an analysis of the ideological shifts that guided these young radicals.