Eventos Académicos, 39 ISCHE. Educación y emancipación

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Paolo Bianchini

Última modificación: 2017-07-17


Edisco is an electronic data bank (http://www.database-edisco.org:8081/) that aims to survey the books for the school and the education published in Italy between 1800 and 1900. It is part of a national project of research on educational publishing that involves several Italian universities: Turin, Macerata, Florence, Padua, Campobasso and L'Aquila, as well as numerous researchers working throughout the national territory. The goal is to create a catalog of school and pedagogical books published in Italy between the nineteenth and twentieth century, retrieving them both in libraries, both in ancient and modern bibliographies. Edisco currently hosts about 25,000 titles, identified through various bibliographies, whose data for many texts have subsequently been integrated with the consultation of the book in the library. In addition to the physical description of the manual, Edisco provides information on the content of the book, as regards the matters, the school order and the class to which it was addressed and the genre of the book. The presentation will show the bibliographical and historiographical characteristics of Edisco, trying to describe which functions a bibliographic data base can have for the research in History of Education, in particular research on emancipation, human rights, and civic instruction.