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What is History of Education? Rethinking the Triumph of the Western Ideas about "Science" in History of Education in China
Luxi Chen

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The focus on the utility of history of education has strongly disturbed the academic research in the history of education. It requested the history of education has to serve directly to he history of education as the curriculum, to serve directly to the reality, to serve directly to the politics and policy-making. All of these requests originated in the confusion of the research and the application of history of education, originated in the understanding of history of education as a kind of knowledge as nature science but not a kind of knowledge as liberal arts, originated in the worship of scientism since the early of the 20th century from the western world. Actually, the value of history of education cannot be calculated by its ability to serve the direct action. It should be the kind of research which don not involve in any practical interests, but just for the spiritual satisfaction. It asks the researcher in history of education can do the research just for the pure academic interest, can find out the real question and value of education in the real historical, cultural, social, political, and economical context, can really understand the historical culture deeply no matter at home and abroad, and help us to understand we ourselves, to understand each other, then got the spirit pleasant and enrichment.