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Círculos de estudio: Ideological Shifts and Consciousness Building of The Chicago Young Lords Organization (ChYLO) 1970-1972
Erica R. Dávila

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As a human rights organization, the Chicago Young Lords Organization (ChYLO) sought to organize and mobilize an educational movement for self-determination. Leaders of the organization understood the importance of education as a tool to combat the many problems plaguing their communities—urban removal, police brutality, poor health care, and capitalism. ChYLO worked to develop their own intellectual understandings of inequity and oppression, sharing acquired knowledge with others via models of Círculos de estudio, and the creation of a bilingual newspaper, Pa’Lante. This paper explores the organizational and community dynamics that developed conscious, well informed cadres seeking to engage and inform the community on local and global events contributing to the inequities Latinx in Chicago faced. Often overlooked in the historical literature, this paper seeks to highlight the ways in which ChYLO contributed to the philosophical and intellectual knowledge, and consciousness building amongst Latinx communities, creating a message of transformation, peace and revolution.