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History of education after the last spanish universty reform: An irreversible leap towards extinction?(
Antonio Francisco Canales Serrano, Yasmina Álvarez González

Última modificación: 2017-07-17


This paper compares the position and weight of history of education in the Spanish degrees of Pedagogy before and after the last reform conducted in the framework of the European Bologna Process.

In order to do this, it analyzes the situation of history of education courses in the old curriculum and in the new one established after 2010-11 in sixteen Spanish public universities which offer the Degree in Pedagogy. The analysis is carried out from different variables such as the compulsory or elective character, the location in the years and the criteria for the configuration of elective courses.

The comparison shows a drastic reduction of the contents related to history of education in the curricula of Pedagogy, with a reduction in half in the case of compulsory courses and to one-third in elective one.

Contents related with the field of history of education has been reduced to a compulsory first year course. Two thirds of the universities complement with a second elective one. Thus, the previous variety of specialized elective courses has been strongly limited.

As a rule, History of Education has become a secondary introductory course. This completes the process begun in the seventies of progressive erosion of the traditional central position of history of education in the education of the future professionals of pedagogy. A further step would be the practical disappearance of the disciplinary field.

Paradoxically, this lost of position in the Pedagogy curriculum happens at the same time as the flourishing of the field of the history of education in Spain, expressed in terms of publications, journals and internationalization.