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Rosalvo Florentino de Souza: a teacher-journalist at service of education in Brazil and South America in the 1950’
Francisco Glauco Gomes Bastos, Silvia Maria de Oliveira, Rosane Michelli de Castro

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This communication, originated in a doctoral thesis, named Rosalvo Florentino de Souza: an intellectual at teaching service in São Paulo press (from1949 to 1957), investigates how Rosalvo Florentino de Souza, as intellectual, put himself at teaching service by Paulista press, mainly at A Gazeta newspaper from 1949 to 1957. The general objective was to analyze the educational beliefs of Rosalvo Florentino de Souza, by his newspaper writings concerning high and professional schools in order to understand how teachers linked to union dealt with problems and educational policies regional, national and internationally. As the basis for this communication, the following authors were mainly consulted: Pierre Bourdieu, Jean François Sirinelli, Simon Schwartzman, Helena Maria Bousquet Bomeny, Vanda Maria Ribeiro Costa, Otaíza de Oliveira Romanelli, Rosa Fátima de Souza, Maria Luisa Santos Ribeiro, Bruno Bomtempi Junior, among others. It is a communication resulting from a historical research from a corpus made of newspaper clippings allegedly left by Rosalvo Florentino de Souza at Sud Mennucci Educational Study Institute. During this study, it was realized that Rosalvo Florentino de Souza, besides being a high school teacher, teaching at secondary schools as well as professional ones, dedicated, as a journalist, most of his writing to these teaching modalities. It was also analyzed the participation of Rosalvo Florentino de Souza in intellectual fields of journalism and Brazilian education. Not less important was his participation as journalist in American educational events such as Interamerican Basic Education Congress held in São Paulo in 1954, as part of IV century anniversary of that city as well as in IV American Educational Congress in which Rosalvo Florentino de Souza took part as special correspondent of A Gazeta. This event was held on January 1957 in Uruguay, Montevideo and it was the last one because from that event on, it was created a permanent organization – American Educators Confederation (AEC) – that has the goal of grouping national educational worker organizations of American continent. Rosalvo Florentino de Souza was also a member of several institutions such as South American Physical Education Teacher Confederation of Associations (CSAPEA) in which he was secretary; and besides, he took part of the administration of Paulista Teacher Center (PTC) and of Secondary and Pedagogical School Teacher Association of São Paulo State (SPSTASPS), among others. Finally, we conclude that Rosalvo Florentino de Souza, by highlighting, through his newspaper writings, relevant cultural data on education, placed himself as an intellectual in both fields.