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History of subjects didatic of course pedagogy ffc-unesp/marília (1963-2005)
Leonardo Marques Tezza

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The main objective is to identify, gather, select, organize, analyze and interpret aspects of teaching, as a discipline in the Faculty of Education, Faculty of Philosophy and Science - Marilia Unesp between the years 1963 to 2005. This formulation originates from the belief that researches that try to organize and analyze aspects of the history of the disciplines in the various teacher training institutions in Brazil contribute to the history of these disciplines in Brazil, for a history of training Teachers in Brazil and, ultimately, contribute to the history of education in Brazil. Our time frame is due to the fact that, in 1963, the discipline Didactic has been developed in the Faculty of Education of the FFC-Unesp / Marília for the first time. It was delimited considering that we have already developed research on such theme from 2006 -  when the course in focus started to operate no longer by qualification, but focused on training teachers to practice teaching functions in kindergarten and the early years of elementary school, based on the RESOLUTION CNE / CP 1 of May 15, 2006 (BRAZIL, 2006). The method of analysis is going to be "aspects of textual configuration," according to Magnani (1993; 1997) / Mortatti (2000), based the procedures for localization, identification, meeting, selection, systematization and analysis of the documentary corpus.