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Vania Regina Pieretti Julião, Gizelma Guimarães Pereira Sales

Última modificación: 2017-07-17


This communication presents some research results in the History of Education, centered on the History of Teacher Training developed within the scope of the Research Program "History of Teaching in Teacher Training Institutions in Brazil (1827-2011)" The object of study is the history of teaching and teacher training to work in primary school in the municipality of Garça, located in the interior of the state of São Paulo, Brazil. The figure of the teacher and his formation is inserted in the history of the formation of teachers and, consequently related to the history of the educative process and schooling. The training of teachers and the teaching activity went through periods related to the historical, political and social context of each era. In Brazil, the Normal School, the Institute of Education and Teaching Habilitation were part of the teacher training in the period from 1940 to 1996, marking the formation and the teaching performance. In the city of Garça, teacher training was institutionalized to meet a specific demand and was established based on the legal determinations and constitution of the institutions. According to the periods from 1940 to 1996, this training began in the Normal Schools, passed by the Institute of Education and at the end of the period studied occurred in the Teaching Habilitation. Based on the hypothesis that the History of Education of Garça was constituted in the history of teacher education and in the work of teachers in the municipality, the present work intends to identify and analyze in the history of the education of Garça, from 1940 to 1996, the process of creation and institutionalization of teacher training institutions from the representations contained in the reports and advertisements of the city newspaper in the time cut presented. This temporal cut is justified since the formation of teachers in the city of Garça began in the 1940s, twenty years after the founding of this municipality. The institutionalization of teacher training relates to the expectations of the garcence society in relation to education. In this sense, the location of training institutions, construction and functioning are constitutive elements of the history of education. The methodology adopted is that of documentary analysis. The sources are the Legal Normative Acts, testimonies recorded in the Museum of the municipality and the newspaper of the city. This research is based on a theoretical framework constituted by the formulations on the history of teacher education, with which it was possible to gather the theorizations of: Nóvoa (1991), Saviani (2009), on teacher education, Magalhães (2004), on Study and research in School Institutions; Le Goff (2004), on memory, history, document and monuments, Chartier (2002), on practices and representations. As the main research findings, it has been established that the institutions of teacher training were instituted and constituted according to the legal determinations, but also from the representations that Garcence society presented.