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The configuration of the didactic knowledge body as discipline in the normal school "Leonidas do Amaral Vieira - Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo" (1928-1949): the understanding of a teacher training field
Viviane Cássia Teixeira Reis, Vânia Regina Pieretti Julião, Gizelma Guimarães Pereira Sales

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It is a research project presented at the Doctoral level, which integrates the Research Program and Project: "The history of didactics in teacher training institutions in Brazil - 1827-2011" style umbrella. Its main objective is to identify, gather, select, systematize, analyze and interpret aspects of didactics, as a discipline and field of knowledge in teacher training institutions in Brazil, between 1827 and 2011. It presents as a source and corpus a bibliographic collection of Books, magazines, manuals, compendiums and guides. A documentary collection of programs or plans of the disciplines with contents on how to do it in the training course of teachers; Course planning and discipline; curriculum. The systematization of the data will be through the elaboration of research instruments and the form of analysis of the Results will be from the notion of field in Bourdieu (2004). Its main objective is to identify, gather, select, systematize, analyze and interpret constitutive aspects of the configuration of the Body of Didactics as a discipline in the "Leônidas do Amaral Vieira" Normal School from 1928 to 1949. And, Specific Objectives: Identify Aspects of the history of the Teacher Training Courses of the "Leônidas do Amaral Vieira" Normal School; Analyze sources: teaching programs, pedagogical manuals and periodic press, of the period under study, as source for study of the subject in focus; To understand the constitutive aspects of Teacher Training in the State of São Paulo between 1928 and 1949, and the influence for Teacher Training in the "Leônidas do Amaral Vieira" Normal School, especially in relation to the configuration of Didactic knowledge as a discipline and field of knowledge . The questions that present themselves as research problems are: How did the "how to" teach in the Normal School "Leônidas do Amaral Vieira" in the course of teacher training, during the decades from 1920 to 1940, Through the disciplines? How were these knowledge materializing in the various guiding and normative documents of these practices in the teacher training course of the "Leônidas do Amaral Vieira" Normal School? The hypothesis is presented through questions that pervade the research work in History of the School subjects because they involve several aspects related to: its sources, the intellectuals, the legislation and the School Culture. The search goes through disciplinary structures, in the case of Didactics, centered on the "how" to teach that are derived, as in any school discipline, from selection processes and legitimation from a set of interests that express power relations of society as a All at a given historical moment. It is hoped to identify, gather, select, systematize and analyze aspects of bibliographic sources, published in various formats, especially in books, which are believed to contain the concepts, contents and privileged theoretical references in the subject under study.